Advertising Copywriting

(Fictional product)


Elegant table set for a large dinner party. Wide-angle shot from head of table. Carveasy carving set sits next to a large turkey on the table in the foreground.


With Carveasy, turkey is a piece of cake.


Now there is a deluxe carving set with power.

The Carveasy electric knife and fork set features fine staghorn handles from the Black Forest.

Not your average electric knife. Carveasy is the size of an ordinary carving knife. It’s lightweight. Easy to control. Safe.

Twin tungsten blades are activated by computer chips. Just plug Carveasy’s compact adapter into the nearest outlet. When you’re dining the adapter is hidden from view.

Carveasy cuts through the toughest meat. Or the softest cake. Smoothly. With precision.

While you carve, the Carveasy fork holds your turkey firmly in place. When you take a break, Carveasy stands on its own two feet.

And Carveasy comes in a magnificent velvet case. Beautifully designed, Carveasy adds elegance to any dinner.

With the Carveasy team, carving is a pleasure.

A functional gift for any occasion.